Hi, I'm Marissa!

From a young age I always felt like I was different from those around me. Feeling everything so deeply, letting my emotions flow freely. It was overwhelming to experience as a child and as an adult it still has its overwhelming moments. I've grown to love the side of me that feels everything so intensely. I encourage anyone I meet to let themselves really feel their feelings. Feelings are not meant to be over thought or over intellectualized, they are just meant to be felt.


My intention with founding its okay to feel™ is to get the conversation started about fully feeling our feelings and what that unlocks. I believe that a person who is allowing themselves to fully feel is someone who is more open to empathy; with others, with all living things, and with the world. In unlocking feeling everything, a movement begins where positive change is possible and collaboration with others flows more easily. By wearing the affirmation "its okay to feel" when you catch your reflection or look down at your body, you're reminded to check in with yourself and feel whatever emotion comes up. When a passing stranger sees the words "its okay to feel" they may let themselves be vulnerable and spark a conversation with you or they may go home and finally let themselves fully feel an emotion they have been suppressing.


My mission has already had an impact on this community and it's my dream for it to spread like wildfire. If you are here reading my story, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to understand why this mission is something I hold close. you are the reason we exist and I hope you find a piece that speaks to you so you can wear your affirmation proudly! Here's a little treat for making it this far. Use code "bethechange" at checkout for a discount on your order. Thank you so much for your support.

Love, Marissa